Lawn Service

At Covenant Greens Landscaping, we care about your concerns, value our relationship with our clients and we are committed to working harder every day to provide you with professionally maintained lawn and gain your trust in the process. So give us the opportunity to gain your trust.

Our lawn maintenance services include:

  • Spring lawn clean-up/dethatching involves removing of death under layer of grass and plant leaves from the lawn. The timeline for the service is early Fall and late Spring; and also depend on the type of grass on your lawn.
  • Core Aeration and seeding which is best performed in early early Fall and late Spring.
  • Mowing of lawn includes edging, trimming and removal of clippings from sidewalk, curbs for crisp and enjoyable appearance.
  • Clipping is either bagged or left on the lawn ( as source of nutrient and shade for the lawn) upon client’s preference.

Mowing service is between April-October scheduled for weekly, biweekly or based on client’s preferred mowing periods.